In her blog on Internal Communications Trends for 2018, Ciara O'Keeffe puts cleansing data as number one. Data cleansing for AI and Personalisation to be precise.

Consumer marketing is well aware of the power of personalisation. Not only does something as simple as addressing the recipient by name increase open rates, it also reduces email unsubscribes. More sophisticated personalisation serves you up content based on your behaviour and preferences -think Amazon and Facebook for example - all leading to a better experience for the customer and better results for the business.

What about the world of Internal Communications? Quite a few progressive organisations are aiming to reduce noise and improve the employee experience of communication through personalisation. Not just by employee name but also targeting content based on location, business unit and function and helping them consume relevant content on their channel(s) of choice.

However, a lot boils down to good data – the more accurate the data and the more detailed it is in terms of both segmentation and behaviour, the better the potential for personalisation. But with inaccurate, disparate data coming from different systems of record (especially after a merger for example) the potential is very limited. As a result, the likelihood of employees experiencing 'noise' and tuning out increases.

Bad data can destroy your best intentions with effective digital communications. Time and money spent getting your data house in order will be well spent.  

Will the arrival of GDPR in 2018 in Europe be an opportunity to get your data house in order?  Will the need to be transparent and to request consent  be seen as an opportunity to ask employees to review the data held on them, to verify it and ensure they are receiving what they need to know?

What is your plan for improving your employee data in 2018?