Robin O’Sullivan in a recent blog about strategic reporting highlighted a uncomfortable conundrum that many IC teams face.  Insights gained from interviews with over 40 Internal Communicators threw up a few surprises – the biggest being the lack of requests for measurement reports from senior stakeholders. 

There seems to be some kind of blind spot on IC measurement. The fact that communication has taken place, the event staged, the email sent, the video posted, the hashtag promoted and some basic stats around attendance, openrates, views and social posts still seem to suffice for many.

Many continue to jump from project to project to broadly everybody’s satisfaction; few decide to rock the boat, and spend time not readily available into setting objectives and generating insightful reports for a senior manager that has not asked for it.

Old habits die hard.  But taking the time to take a step back, and embrace a more strategic outcome driven approach will of course get you noticed and should of course be worth it in the end.